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We asked AI what a Barbie Dreamhouse would look like in Kansas City

In celebration of the “Barbie” movie hitting the big screen on Friday, July 21, we decided to ask AI what a Barbie Dreamhouse would look like if it were built in Kansas City.

KC Skyline as Pink Barbie Theme

We asked AI for Kansas City’s skyline: Barbie edition. It gave us this. Thoughts?

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Come on Barbie, let’s go party — in a City of Fountains Barbie Dreamhouse. “Barbie” hits the big screen today, and we’re joining in on the fun by pondering, “What would a Barbie dreamhouse look like in Kansas City?”

Our assistant for the day is WOMBO Dream AI Art Generator, to help us visualize what these pink paradises might look like — and drawing inspo from our favorite neighborhood charms + quirks to create the Barbie City of our dreams.

Barbie’s Brookside bungalow

Barbie Bungalow KCtoday

Brookside but make it Barbie (so, pink).

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We bet you’ve seen a house just like this while driving down Wornall Road or Brookside Boulevard — maybe a little less pink, though. Brookside is full of Craftsman-style bungalows + American Tudors, a perfect place for Endless Moves Barbie to prepare for a yoga class.

Ken’s Power & Light condo

Kens Condo KCtoday

Ken’s condo has a nice ring to it.

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It’s giving Three Light. The Power & Light District real estate market is popping — with countless sky high buildings and exciting amenities. You’ll find Swimmer Ken at the rooftop pool, of course.

Barbie’s Historic Northeast dream

Barbie Victorian KCtoday

We can picture this Dreamhouse in the Historic Northeast — can you?

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Picture Doctor Barbie coming home through those gorgeous front doors. The Historic Northeast neighborhood has Art Deco written all over it, so obviously we made sure those elements made it into this Dreamhouse.

Artist Barbie’s Crossroads studio

Barbie's Crossroads Art Studio KCtoday

The four walls where Barbie enters her most artistic state of mind.

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All that’s missing is the art on the walls. The Crossroads has a studio on every corner — perfect for Artist Barbie + her friends to hang out and create their best work to date.

Well, that was fun. Which Barbie Dreamhouse is your favorite? Let us know and we’ll share the results in a future newsletter.