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Answered: Why is there an eagle statue on Ward Parkway?

You asked and we answered. Here’s why that eagle is watching over Kansas City.


The eagle has landed.

Photo courtesy of KC Parks and Recreation

Earlier this year, we asked which Kansas City sites you needed a history lesson on. Several of you mentioned the eagle perched at Ward Parkway and 67th Street. Here’s what we discovered about our avian friend.

According to KC Parks and Recreation, this seemingly American symbol is actually Japanese. Dating back to the 18th century, it originally resided in a courtyard of a Japanese temple. In 1935, J.C. Nichols’ company purchased it from a New York art dealer and donated it to the city.

The bronze eagle:

  • Stands 3 ft tall
  • Has a 14-ft wing span
  • Weighs 2,000 lbs

And that’s the word on the bird. Have any more sites around the city you want us to research? Let us know.