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Ways to celebrate 816 day around Kansas City

There’s plenty of ways to party on 816 Day. Here’s our top recommendations.

kansas city in photos

Don’t mind us, we’re just daydreaming about the greatest city on Earth.

Based on Kansas City’s area code, 816 Day is celebrated every Aug. 16 and dials in on our KC pride while giving back to the people who make the city great — all of you.

There are many activities to check out, but here’s our must do’s.

Check out the 816 Day bingo. Use this card as a guide.

Attend any of these to claim an 816 Day cup. Take it to Fountain City Scoops and Floats for a free float + a raffle ticket. Pick your event(s) of choice:

What’s your 816 Day must-do? Let us know.