Here’s your Red Kingdom itinerary for the 2024 AFC Championship

Here are a few ways to cheer on the Chiefs during the first away AFC Championship since 2019.

KCtoday_Jason Kelce

Jason can barely contain his excitement.

Love, heartbreak, frostbite and… a shirtless Jason Kelce?

It’s certainly been an exciting postseason, Kansas City. So, in the spirit of huddling together for the Chiefs sixth-consecutive AFC Championship appearance we’ve compiled a shortlist of things to do for Sunday’s gameday.

  • Stop by Union Station for a shirtless Jason Kelce selfie | The unforgettable shot of his bare-chested cheering at last week’s Chiefs-Bills game is seared in our brains (and apparently Taylor’s too).
  • Stuff your face with red + gold | Sorry the Andy Reidsicle is all sold out, but you can still get your hands on Betty Rae’s Chiefscake ice cream or Shatto Milk Co.’s Chocolate Cherry.
  • Stare at the big screen with other dedicated fans | Checkout silver screen sized viewings at Screenland Armour or bring a bowl at The Black Box’s Chiefs + Chili watch partiy. Pro tip: Don’t (accidentally) fly into Ravens territory at Lew’s Sports Bar in Waldo.
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