‘Check your candy’ meme for Kansas City

Three things every Kansas Citian is allergic to.

Photos of chocolate bars containing graphics

Just thinking of these things makes any KC native sick.

Photos from Pexels, Canva, and Google Maps.

Be safe out there, parents, and make sure to do a candy check this Halloween. 🍫

For instance, we found three things Kansas Citians are allergic to in these chocolate bars:

  • Using a turn signal
  • Road construction
  • Confusing states

Scary stuff. 😱

Okay, yeah, we know this is a returning meme. Maybe we spend wayyy too much time on the Internet, but still... safety first.

In all seriousness, it’s a good idea to not consume any candy that’s already open. Double check for allergies, and consider choking hazards for small children. Find more helpful information on the FDA’s full Halloween safety guide.

Have you found any KC-specific potential poisons in your treats this year? If so, drop us a line. No more tricks, we promise. 🎃

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