What former KC businesses do you miss the most?

Nothing stays forever... but sometimes we sure wish it did. We’re asking you to dish on defunct metro dives they wish they could step foot in once again.


Sorry, folks — you can’t get any more of Kelly’s cakes, but you can bake under its former glowing glory at Lumi Neon Museum.

Photo via the Lumi Neon Museum

Do you dream about fritters from Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant? Perhaps you’d give up Chiefs season tickets to sip another Truman at Westport’s Julep?

If this sounds like you — there’s not much we can do to help. We sure have a few closed Kansas City haunts that keep us up at night as well.

So while we can’t bring them all back to life, perhaps a trip down memory lane would do us all some good.

Share a memory of your favorite defunct metro business — anything from bookstores to bakeries — and we’ll include them in an upcoming newsletter.

Pssst: Bonus points if you have a nostalgic photo to share.

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