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Take an inside look: Pennway Point and the KC Wheel

Walk through the work-in-progress with us as we answer your questions about the KC Wheel and Pennway Point.

kc wheel pennway point

It’s wheely happening.

Photo by KCtoday

A closer look

We’re wheely close now. The KC Wheel — one section of the developing Pennway Point entertainment district — is set to open by Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 23.

Editor Charmaine met up with developer Dante Passantino of DaVinci KC for a first look at the wheel and Pennway Point’s other attractions.

Answers to your questions

We asked both our newsletter subscribers and our Instagram followers what you wanted to know about the development. Here’s what Passantino said.

Why this location?

“We really feel that this is a gem of Kansas City that we helped uncover,” said Passantino. “One of my partners, Vince Bryant, his background is historic office rehab. He bought it for the historic office that sits on Pennway.”

Originally, Bryant was going to scrap everything else. But walking the yards, the duo realized these buildings were “way too cool” to tear down.

“We really feel this site was overlooked and underutilized for 100 years.”

Will there be parking? Where?

Passantino says there will be ~400 parking spots available. About 180 general parking spots will be under the I-35 bridge, around 100 on the Pennway bridge, and then 30 in a parking deck. VIP parking + rideshare pick-up will be beneath the parking deck. Prices are TBA.

How many light colors will the wheel cycle through?

The KC Wheel is outfitted with full color spectrum LED lights. That means virtually every color you can dream up, the wheel can light up.

kc wheel

The wheel is still undergoing safety tests. We’ll be back to take a ride soon.

Photo by KCtoday

Will the streetcar stop there?

With the planned expansion, the nearest streetcar stop will be two blocks away, at Union Station.

What will be open when the wheel opens?

Passantino told us, For now it will be the wheel and mini golf. We’re working on a pop up to support them that will have food and beverage and entertainment.” That includes a holiday pop-up with dates TBA.

“We anticipate Barrell Hall opening late spring, early summer. And then our Tailgate will open early summer.”

Walk through

Remember, the KC Wheel is just one of five parts making up Pennway Point. Let’s look at the other four districts.

Barrel Hall

This 6,000-sqft food hall will seat 250+ people and host four eateries, including Boulevard Brewery’s Tasting Experience. One of three in the nation, this tasting spot will let you sample different pours while learning the history behind them.

barrell hall pennway point

We can already see you’ll have a barrell of fun here.

Photo by KCtoday

All around will be floor-to-ceiling oak barrels. Barbecue will be cooked over a 4,000 gallon propane tank offset by smoke boxes.

Neon Alley

Beside Barrel Hall is an alleyway that will be lit. This alley will feature iconic neon signs from Kansas City’s history. It’s also where you’ll find the takeout window for Barrell Hall.

Neon alley pennway point

You’re looking at the future site of Neon Alley.

Photo by KCtoday

Tailgating Zone

Take a seat in the giant, built-in stands, and you’ll be gazing out at a jumbo screen surrounded by trees. So far, the team has planted ~30 trees (with more on the way) in an effort to add some greenery to the downtown area. This courtyard will also transform into an ice skating rink in the winter.

tailgate space.gif

Welcome to the tailgate zone.

Photo by KCtoday

Tucked to the right of the stands in the courtyard, you’ll find a large refrigeration trailer that dates back to the 1940-1950s. It was one of the first refrigeration trailers ever built and is one of many historic features salvaged for Pennway Point.

pennway point refrigeration truck

How cool is this soon-to-be beer truck?

Photo by KCtoday

This cool piece of history will serve as the center point for the outdoor beer garden after completing its transformation into a walk-in cooler with 12 taps.

Beef & Bottle Steakhouse

To the left of the Tailgate Zone is the Beef & Bottle Steakhouse. It has a wagyu steakhouse downstairs and an elevated sports lounge upstairs.

the funk spot pennway point.jpg

This spot will soon be funky and feature VIP lounges all around.

Photo by KCtoday

Dubbed “The Funk House,” expect lots of neon, glass, funk + jazz tunes, and occasionally a live DJ. You can mingle with the large crowds, or lay back in the VIP lounge sections.

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