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Sail Away Wine is a social wine bar with a unique twist

At first glance, this seems like just another wine-forward restaurant. But stick around for a little longer and you’ll find it’s a carefully curated + creative experience.

sail away wine north kansas city

This wine bar is a tasting room full of global wines. This picture doesn’t even show half of it.

Photo by KCtoday

Hidden in plain sight at 309 Armor Rd., North Kansas City is Sail Away Wine — a wine bar with a twist.

“It’s a self-serve wine bar with the idea being its for all the different ports of the world,” said Katie Hendley, Sail Away Wines’ sommelier. But that’s not the only twist.

As you look around the restaurant, you’ll see walls lined with global wines. Want to take a sip? You’ll need to offer the walls your wine passport.

There is no fee to get a passport. It is simply a card linked to your preferred method of payment that keeps track of your tab as well as all the wines you taste.

sail away wines passport

Ahoy there, we are wine castaways. Good thing we have this wine passport.

Photo by KCtoday

Place your passport in the wine wall’s card slot. You’ll see your name displayed on the tap screens. The screen show the price per sip broken into three size options. You can also opt to buy a full bottle and take it home with you.

sail away wine wine wall

We’ll take one sip of each, please.

Photo by KCtoday

As you go around reveling rosé, you’ll find that wines are grouped by similar taste for your convenience. So, if you find a flavor you love and want another within the same flavor profile, simply look to the wines next to it on the shelf.

sail away wines wine wall groupings

Check out the blue signs to see the wine’s category. Stare at the white papers for a deeper explanation of each wine.

Sail Away Wines also has a fridge full of dealcoholized wines + beers — so your alcohol-free friends can join in on the fun, too.

KCtoday  non alcoholic drinks sailaway wine .gif

This baby has all kinds of goodies hidden within — including an entire section dedicated to non-alocholic options.

Photos by KCtoday

Katie says the goal of Sail Away Wines is to take the elitism out of wine drinking and renew it as the fun, social activity it was meant to be.

“Wine is for community experience. It’s for experiencing fun and conversation, and eating food with other people,” Katie said.

Sail Away Wine also offers live music on Tuesdays and trivia on Sundays.

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