A look at Missouri’s budding recreational marijuana industry

Review the figures from Missouri’s first year with legalized recreational marijuana.


Weed like to show you some statistics.

2023 marked the first year of legal recreational marijuana in Missouri. It only took one month for the budding industry to reach full bloom — the “Show-Me” state had the third largest opening month, trailing only Arizona and California.

Statistics show that dispensaries were able to carry that high throughout the year. Here are a few more of the industry’s 2023 highlights:

  • Sales surpassed $1.3 billion statewide.
  • Kansas Citian’s second most googled “near me” search was “Dispensary near me.”
  • MO became the first state in the country to expunge nonviolent marijuana charges. By December, the state cleared 100,000+ records.

And it’s just getting started. To be blunt, MoCannTrade predicted that Missouri’s cannabis market would bring in ~$1.3 billion and make MO a top 10 contender in the industry by 2026. Last year’s sales already smoked that prediction.

If MO keeps this MO-mentum, the state may soon take the top spot in the industry.

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