You can now legally buy recreational marijuana at KC dispensaries

The green light comes three days sooner than expected, leaving companies scrambling to fill orders.

KC_Local Cannabis bar

Missouri law allows for three customers per budtender.

Photo by KCtoday

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Missouri voters approved recreational marijuana back in November, with 53% in support. Consumers were allowed to carry cannabis starting on December 8, 2022. However, people weren’t able to legally buy it since the dispensary licensing hadn’t changed. Well, it has now.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services began approving recreational licenses on Friday, Feb. 3. The green light came three days earlier than the previously expected, catching local dispensaries by surprise.

“The phones are ringing off the hook,” Local Cannabis Company owner Lee Hoffman said. We can verify — we were there.

The company — at 1004 W. 45th St., KCMO — is hosting an official launch today, Feb. 6 with food, prizes, and free product. Other deals last all week long.

“We’ll get you checked in. Wait in line. Meet with a budtender,” Lee said. (Like a bartender, connecting people with the right product.)

KC_Marijuana at Local Cannabis Company

Local Cannabis will soon supply products from its Smithville production facility.

Photo by KCtoday

Need to know

According to DHSS, recreational consumers:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Can buy + possess up to 3 oz at a time
  • Need a valid photo ID
  • Can’t smoke in public places
  • Can’t drive under the influence

Those who want to grow marijuana need a personal cultivation ID.

KC_Local Cannabis Company store floor

Other products include craft chocolate, gummies, vapor, and resin.

Photo by KCtoday

Show me the money

Missouri enacted a 6% state sales tax, which will fund the DHSS, veteran services, and low-income legal aid. Funds will also help expunge marijuana offenses.

In addition, KCMO and most of the surrounding cities and suburbs plan to put a 3% city tax on the April ballot. Jackson County also approved a 3% county tax to go before voters. All said, consumers in the county could pay up to a 12% tax on recreational marijuana.

In Kansas

Kansas is one of three states in the US that hasn’t legalized any form of marijuana use, including medicinal. It is still illegal to possess cannabis in the state.

Law enforcement officials said they don’t plan to make any big changes.

Note: We reached out to KC Police, KCMO government, Missouri State Highway Patrol, DHSS, and local hospitals for comment but did not receive a statement.