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Answered: The Plaza should make these changes according to KCtoday readers

It looks like the Country Club Plaza is changing hands for its 100th birthday. Here are the changes our readers say should come with it.

KCtoday Plaza area

A river of change is coming to the Plaza.

Photo by KCtoday

Last week, word broke that the Country Club Plaza may get new owners soon. We asked y’all what those new owners should change and, after 800+ newsletter and Instagram responses, here are your most recommended changes.

Emphasize local businesses

  • “A mix of local retailers and one of a kind shops.” — Reader, Pam T.
  • “Locally owned restaurants, stores, boutiques and specialty shops.” — @donnaluscoreed

Entice Zara + high end retailers

  • “Definitely Zara. Saks, Nordstrom Rack, a few high-end/luxury stores as well.”

Focus on convenience with a grocery store

  • “Grocery store like the small Hen House in Prairie Village.” — Reader, Kat C.

Prioritize fun entertainment options

  • I’d love a playground that was based on the plaza’s art, architecture, and history.”
    — @siouxlandfamilies
  • “Something fun like a rooftop go-kart.” — @jp_rand

Didn’t get to give your input? Let us know your two cents.

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