Brick River Cider Company opens in Crossroads

There’s a new kind of craft beverage fermenting in the Kansas City, and it’s the apple of our eye.

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Can’t decide? A flight cost us $12.

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There’s a new kind of craft beverage fermenting in the Crossroads, and it’s the apple of our eye. Brick River Cider Company has been open for a month (its first day was Dec. 17), although it has already weathered closures due to extreme cold and busted water mains.

The Kansas City cidery — at 1701 McGee St., KCMO — is actually an expansion of a St. Louis company. Its KC location used to be a mid-1900s auto repair shop. Yet, it’s right at home in one of KC’s most concentrated beverage + entertainment districts.

“We’re local, and we want to stay local,” proprietor Conrado Moni told KCtoday. “All we care about is our community and providing a good product. Something that people can actually enjoy and know is of the best quality.”

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We saw the sign. Have you?

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Why cider?

Conrado and the Brick River bartenders described cider as a versatile drink that anyone can appreciate.

🍺 Beer fans: Cider is a carbonated drink with lots of experimentation opportunities. Try the dry-hopped winter cider (one of our favorites).
🍷 Wine fans: Cider is made the same way, and you can experience dry vs. fruity ciders + fruit-infused flavors.
🥃 Cocktail fans: Along with locally sourced spirits, try sipping the Double Barrel Apple cider with house-made brandy (more on that below).
🚫 Non-alcoholic: Brick River’s apple soda is caramely and rich (and low-key, high on our list).

“Everything’s all natural,” Conrado said. “No artificial flavors. No concentrates. Fresh-pressed fruit brought back to the traditional ways.”

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Tanks for the cider — much appreciated.

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Specific to Kansas City

Aside from delicious cider (tested by yours truly) and a great atmosphere, Brick River KC has two things you won’t find in St. Louis.

First, Brick River is making an apple brandy only in KC. It’s paired with a cider in a signature local drink called Double Barrel Apple. That one was Editor Travis’ favorite.

Next, the KC location offers an expanded food menu, including additional apps, an entree, and a dessert.

For the future

Conrado told us that Brick River is planning a grand opening celebration for Saturday, March 4. Stay tuned on social media for the official announcement.

The cidery currently has four fermentation tanks and a kegging rig, and there’s room for four more fermenters in addition to the still. Conrado said they plan to offer their brandy as a standalone product in the future.

“For our first year anniversary, we’ll have a 1-year aged brandy, and for our three-year anniversary, we’ll have a 3-year aged brandy, all of which are already sitting on wood.”

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