Art installation coming to new airport terminal

Check out these larger than life birds, created using Alto Saxophones.

Alto Sax Bird sculpture

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!’s an alto saxaphone!

Photo via Michael Thomas Corrigan

Thanks to the city’s One Percent for Art Program — 1% of public construction costs are to be set aside for public art. This budget allocation includes funds for the new single terminal at KCI, due to open in the spring.

One of the major installations, and the first completed project to be installed, is “Ornithology” by renown artist Willie Cole. Inspired by Charlie Parker’s nickname “The Bird,” the goal was to create larger than life birds using alto saxophones.

Cole partnered with local company B.A.C. Musical Instruments (located a few blocks north of the historic jazz district) to procure several hundred saxophones for the project. Additionally, he collaborated with its founder, Mike “Horn Doctor” Corrigan, to bring his vision to life.

The installation held a preview on Thurs., Oct. 20, where many of the attendees suggested that this “Suite of Jazzbirds” (12 in total) will become a visual icon for the city.