Check out the tollbooth-free future of the Kansas turnpike

Yes, it’s still a toll road. No, there’s no tollbooths. Here’s what you need to know before the state makes the big switch.


KTAG users already know the drill: register, drive, skip the line

Photo via the Kansas Turnpike Authority

Kansas Citians visiting kiddos at KU or driving to Colorado for a vay-cay can expect a trip with fewer stops starting this summer. A new cashless system will replace the Kansas Turnpike’s aging tollbooths in July 2024.

How it works

Currently, drivers have two options:

  1. Pull into a toll lane, take your ticket, and pay when you need to exit... each and every time.
  2. Or opt for reduced tolls + online payment by registering for a free KTAG. Overhead cameras will track the sticker so you can drive without pulling off.

The new system will allow for everyone to drive without stopping, as the 21 overhead gantries will now capture either your KTAG or a picture of your license plate. Non-KTAG users will be sent a bill in the mail.

Want a KTAG?

Score that sweet, sweet 35% off toll prices by registering for the free tag online or by calling (316) 652-2650.

Anyone, including non-residents, can opt-in to the system + its numerous multi-state perks.

The Kansas Turnpike also accepts:

  • BestPass, used in multiple states
  • Pikepass, Oklahoma
  • PrePassPlus, in multiple states
  • EZ TAG, Texas
  • TxTag, Texas
  • TollTag, Texas
  • SunPass, Pro and Mini, Florida
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