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What you need to know about the 18th and Vine Pedestrian Mall plan

From 25-ft wide sidewalks to curbless roads, this plan is ready to take 18th and Vine to the next level.


A look into the future of the 18th and Vine District.

Mock up via City of Kansas City, MO

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The 18th and Vine neighborhood is getting closer to its $6.5 million redevelopment — transforming the Jazz District into a more vibrant, pedestrian-oriented streetscape.

Need to know

In order to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood while incorporating more events + programming, city planning officials presented details like a curbless environment with a seamless sidewalk-to-street layout. The 18th Street roadway will be one lane each direction.

18th and vine plans

From day to night, this neighborhood will be a one-stop shop for Kansas Citians.

Mock up via City of Kansas City, MO

Large planters and lights will line the streets to show where the roadways are, allowing for daily traffic flow. Movable elements will be able to block roadways off to traffic for events like vendor markets and live music. Plus, the sidewalks are expanding from ~6-ft wide to ~25-ft wide to allow for a safer, more comfortable experience.

Other artistic additions like lighting and seating options can be expected. Additional civic organizations are contributing to the project with plans for statues and fountains.


While street parking will be eliminated from 18th Street, the same amount of parking will be reallocated just a half block north to 17th Terrace. Bus and ride share drop offs will still be available on 18th Street in front of businesses like The Gem Theatre and Negro Leagues Museum.

18th and vine map

18th Street is just the beginning.

Photo via City of Kansas City, MO

Future plans

“The idea is to be under construction some time next year and definitely be done before the World Cup so that this is one of those areas that can be highlighted,” Chris Thompson, Capital Projects Engineer with the City of Kansas City, MO, said.

The first improvements are at 18th Street and 17th Terrace, but surrounding areas such as Vine Street, Highland Avenue, Woodland Avenue, and The Paseo area will be included in future phases.

“We’re giving it a new approach for how the events can happen in this area. I really like how our approach incorporated as a neighborhood project that is flexible for these future events as they happen on the weekends but then can go right back to a neighborhood environment again. That’s really exciting for this area,” Chris told us.

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