What to expect at the polls on Tuesday, April 2

It’s a pretty special special election for Jackson County voters. See what measures made it to the ballot + how to ensure your voice gets heard.

Photo of downtown Kansas City with party cloudy skies

And if you look to the right, you’ll see City Hall.

Picture this: intrepid City Editors Maddie + Dayten freezing their butts off downtown, chatting with locals about the Crossroads ballpark proposal. Hey, it’s not always a glamorous job.

Folks were more than happy to tell us their opinions ahead of the upcoming special election. Royals this, Chiefs that, but what about the other measures that made it to the ballot?

It’s not just sales tax

Along with the highly publicized stadium sales tax extension, some KCMO schoolboard seats are up for grabs. Check out the Jackson County Election Board’s sample ballot for an official sneak peek of what you’ll see day-of.

Here’s the shortlist:

  • Director elections for Hickman Mills, Grandview, Center, Lee’s Summit + Independence School Districts
  • Special School Bond Election for Consolidated School District No. 4 (Grandview)
  • And of course, the stadium sales tax question

Take a page from your school-age days and remember to read that last measure thoroughly. Editor Maddie will fully admit to needing someone else to explain the official language — voting “Yes” means replacing a countywide 3/8-cent capital improvements sales tax with the much-discussed 3/8-cent parks sales tax. Voting “No” means the current sales tax would run its course with no plan for extension.

How to cast your vote

Sorry to any metro dwellers who’ve gotten swept up in the stadium discourse, but this election is just for Jackson County residents.

Voters can check their registration and polling location ahead of time. Have more burning election questions? Consult the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners website.