Take an accessible hike on one of these trails in Kansas City

These are three of our favorite local accessible trails that are wheelchair-friendly.

Picture of ASB Bridge and ice on the Missouri River

Take in the views of the Missouri River. | Photo by @kcescapades

The outdoors are for everybody — and there are plenty of hikes in our area that are friendly to wheelchairs, strollers, and other mobility aids. Get some fresh air on three of our favorite accessible trails.

Line Creek Trail, 2699 NW 60th St., Kansas City, MO
This paved eight-mile trail winds through woods and crosses smooth bridges over water. The trail averages 6 ft wide and is generally flat. But be aware: around the four-mile mark, the trail becomes steep (at an 8% grade) so expect a workout or recruit some help.

Missouri Riverfront Heritage Trail
Explore some of the most historic areas in the bi-state along this 15-mile paved trail. Enjoy riverside views and learn more about Kansas City. If you need a rest, there are many benches and picnic areas to take in the sights.

Line Creek Trail: Meadows Park
For something a little more remote, take this 11.7-mile out-and-back trail with shady trees and views of the creek. The path’s width averages at about 8 ft and it remains relatively flat throughout (at a 5% grade).

What’s your go-to wheelchair-accessible trail? Let us know where we should explore next.

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