The most local events in Kansas City

Curated calendar for new openings, tours, exhibits, and foodie events.

Picture of Kauffman Center at night

Lights up — the show’s about to start.

You asked, we’re answering. A new and improved KCtoday events calendar is here.

Or maybe you didn’t realize we even had an events calendar — consider this your ticket to the most fun and relevant events around the Kansas City metro, including:

KC_Starlight at night

Starlight puts on a good show.

As Kansas Citians ourselves, we love making sure that the Heart of America has access to the most robust, relevant, and hyperlocal events calendar possible. In part, we rely on readers like you to keep us in the loop — start submitting your events now. (Just like before, you can add your event to our calendar for free, but we’ve also added a few new paid promotional opportunities to take advantage of as well, starting at just $15.)

In addition to the hundreds of events that you can discover each month on our website, each issue of our newsletter features a dedicated events section, with our curated editorial picks for the upcoming week, organized by day. Keep scrolling just a little bit, and you’ll see what we mean. Pro tip: click the link to see our full calendar if you want to start planning ahead.

Want to know which events we’re most excited about? Your friendly neighborhood City Editor (👋 that’s me, Travis) can often be found out and about at the newest coffee shops, restaurant openings, festivals, and fairs — see what we’re up to in the Wrap section at the bottom of each newsletter or by following us on Instagram @theKCtoday.

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