Sway Coffee Roasters: new café in KCK

Do you know the (S)way?

KCtoday_Sway gif

The Sway café is just 10 minutes from downtown.

Photos by KCtoday

The Rosedale neighborhood’s newest coffee shop opened Tues., Sept. 6 — at 2700 W. 43rd Ave., KCK.

Sway Coffee Roasters is an expansion of the coffee served at McLain’s Bakery (same owners). In fact, Sway started as a wholesale coffee roaster right out of the bakery’s Waldo location.

“We started roasting coffee three and a half years ago,” manager + roaster Nick Cacy said. “We roasted at first in just a little corner.”

Staff roast the beans behind a transparent barrier, acting as a showpiece for patrons as they walk into the store. Wood accents + leafy plants garnish the space. As for the coffee — we were the first to try the Ethiopia honey process pour over, and it was brewed to perfection.