Kansas City’s first Fountain City Comedy Festival

A celebration of the local comedy scene with KC acts and national headliners.

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Three days of laughs? Count us in.

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What does it take to host a three-day event across the city? Local comedians are finding that out as they count down the days to the first-ever Fountain City Comedy Festival.

If you love to laugh (or if you saw KCtoday’s comedy story), you know that the metro has an uproarious comedy scene. That’s why this inaugural festival had 300+ act submissions (totaling ~27 hours) — which producer Kailee Karr said is “on par with some of the biggest festivals out there.”

“We really have something special here,” she said.

About the festival

Fountain City Comedy Festival takes place over three days — Thurs., Oct. 13-Sat., Oct. 15.

“All of our shows are in different neighborhoods in the city,” Kaliee said. Think: Crossroads, West Bottoms, KCK, and even Weston, MO. “Something I really wanted to be intentional about was like: how are we showcasing KC to these people that are coming in so that they want to come back?”

Seven organizers selected the best material, stage presence, and diversity. The result? Twenty shows + 51 feature acts — plus these nationally renown headliners:

  • Kenny DeForest: appeared on Comedy Central + Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Dina Hashem: seen on “Roast Battle” and “CONAN”
  • Niles Abston: just dropped his “GIRLS DON’T TWERK TO JOKES” special
  • River Butcher: debuted on Comedy Central’s YouTube channel

Pro tip: Follow each link for a sample of their comedy (heads up — there’s some adult material).

Other acts besides stand-up include music comedy, burlesque comedy, and laughs over brunch.

Get involved

Anyone wanting to buy tickets has two options:

  • Individual tickets are available for each show. Prices vary.
  • Weekend passes provide access to one headliner, all featured acts, VIP after parties, and exclusive, secret shows. The price is $50.

The festival also needs volunteers. Duties include taking tickets + greeting attendees. You won’t get paid, but you’ll get a free shirt and access to the show — and that’s worth a lot. If you’re interested, send them an email.

Editor’s note: a previous version of this story said Oct. 13-15 was Friday-Sunday. This has been updated to Thursday-Saturday.

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