Roanoke Boulevard: Diving into the history of KC’s only protected brick road

Roanoke Boulevard is an iconic brick road in Westport that is protected by a historical society and is the only brick road in KC with protected status.

roanoke road

Marceline the Snuggle Queen and Grayce May had to pause to admire the red brick road.

Photo by KCtoday

Editor Charmaine here. I was strolling with my puppers when I came across a marker on Roanoke Boulevard, a red brick road.

I read the plaque and discovered this was Kansas City’s last remaining brick road — or so I thought.

roanoke boulevard historic landmark sign

Nestled among the bushes and trees, you’ll find this sign at the entrance of Roanoke Park.

Photo by KCtoday

Upon closer inspection, I found the sign actually states this is the last brick road “in the Kansas City Parks and Boulevard system.” In total, there are nine recognized brick roads remaining in KC.

Here’s a few facts about Roanoke Boulevard that makes it more special than the other eight:

  • Roanoke Boulevard was named a historical marker in 1978. It is the only KC brick road with this honor.
  • In 1978, the brick surface was restored with red brick pavers matching the original materials.
  • The road is apart of one of Kansas City’s oldest parks, Roanoke Park, which dates back to 1901.

What historic site should we unravel next? Let us know.

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