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KCtoday readers say these are the best home garden starter crops

Here’s what our readers with the greenest thumbs said your first home crops should be.

Charmaine longfellow farm

Volunteering on community farms gave Editor Charmaine an idea — what if she started her own garden?

Photo by KCtoday

Earlier this week, we asked which crops y’all would recommend for someone who wants to start their own backyard garden. Lucky for us, our subscriber base has plenty of friendly farmers eager to pollinate with opinions.

Here are the crops KCtoday readers gave a green thumbs up:

The No. 3 recommended starter crop was lettuce which received 5% of the vote.

Tomatoes claimed the No. 2 spot with 10% of you saying this fruit was the obvious first choice.

The No. 1 spot was actually a tie: peppers and radishes both claimed 24% of the vote.

Can you crop up another suggestion? Let us know which seeds should be sowed in a starter garden.

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