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Here are three Arrowhead moments like Beyoncé's historic performance

Beyoncé made history as the first Black woman to headline a show at Arrowhead. Let’s glance back at more historic moments in Arrowhead’s concert history .

Beyoncé_-_Tottenham_Hotspur_Stadium_-_1st_June_2023_(25_of_118)_(52946287590)_(center_cropped) (1).jpg

This “Diva” can’t stop breaking records.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Beyoncé closed out the “Renaissance World Tour” the best way she could have — here in good ol’ Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. Her KC performance marked two major milestones:

  • Queen B was the first Black woman to headline a show at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • She was also the first woman to headline a stand-alone concert (no openers or additional performers) at Arrowhead.

Wondering what other great moments have happened in Arrowhead history? Here are three historic feats:

  • In 1973, Elton John hosted Arrowhead’s first concert.
  • In 1977, Chaka Khan performed at KC’s inaugural Funk Festival, making her the first woman to perform at Arrowhead.
  • That Funk Festival was also the first time Black musicians headlined at Arrowhead. Performers included Parliament, The Isley Brothers, Rufus (Chaka Khan’s band), and The Brother Johnsons.

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