A week in the Kansas City esports scene

We’ve got a first-class football team, the world’s first womens soccer stadium, the 2026 World Cup, and a burgeoning rodeo scene — next up, we’re going digital with the local esports community.

A crowd cheering behind an esports setup mid-tournament.

Pro gaming: yet another activity that’s more fun with friends.

The Kansas City esports scene continues to grow with the popularity of competition video games like Rocket League and Apex Legends worldwide. Right now, the future of esports is looking local.

Teams like the Kansas City Pioneers continue to pour into local events, bringing players together for regional tournaments and events that cater to hardcore gamers and casual fans alike. Upcoming at LEVELUP Arena (located conveniently within Hy-Vee Arena), look forward to:

  • Midwest Fest 2023, an inaugural tournament, showcase, festival, and streamer meet-and-greet taking place Friday, June 16-Saturday, June 17.
  • MarioKart Mondays, an ongoing free-entry MarioKart tournament on Monday, June 19.
  • Weekly Midweek Madness sessions offering $10 day passes.
  • Weekly Ladies Nights with $2 soda, energy drinks, and Starbucks.
  • Training camps for esports, streaming, and Fortnite starting as early as this week.