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What treasures are made (only) in Kansas City?

Redditors shared their favorite Kansas City exclusives and they did not dissapoint.

Made in Kansas City

This marketplace only holds a fraction of our KC power.

Photo by KCtoday

We all know the best things in life are home grown. Especially when that home is Kansas City.

But what are some great things that you can only find in KC? One Redditor posed the question and was met with hundreds of responses.

Here are some of the highlights:

Reddit’s picks

“Shatto Milk. Best milk in the world imo.” — Hollyhocks01

“Cherry Mash. It’s more region-specific since it’s from St. Joseph but I didn’t realize until I went to college in Florida that other people hadn’t heard of it.” — toadpoppy

“The coffee scene in KC is extremely solid in comparison to many cities.” — Tezzzzzzi

“The horsefeather cocktail. Invented in Lawrence but common in KC.” — azerty543

(BTW – Lookout during Drink Up Week for Editor Maddie to dive into this unique drink’s history.)


I guess we’ll stop horsing around and whip up a Horsefeather instead. | Photo by J. Rieger & Co.

“Valomilks!! When I lived in KC, I used to get two or three of them every time I went to ACE for anything. They’re so good, and there’s nothing like that here in Illinois. Everytime I go back to KC now I have to get them!” — everyoneisflawed

“Not exactly an item, but Shirtwaist style houses.” — Arinium

Mythos hot sauce. Great sauce, and the dude I keep meeting at the market is awesome.” — SecuritySky

Our picks

“The burnt ends. My family is mainly from Memphis so I’m biased toward their BBQ, but I’d eat a plate of KC burnt ends every single day if my thighs wouldn’t blow up.” — Editor Charm

“I’ve been hard pressed to find good Mexican food elsewhere in the Midwest. K-Machos off Santa Fe in Olathe is my absolute fave.” — Editor Maddie

Now it’s your turn. Tell us – what’s your favorite treasure made (only) in KC? Let us know and you could be featured in a future newsletter.

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