Take a look at Kansas City’s electric revolution

Earlier this spring, we learned from businesses like Panasonic and Burns & McDonnell about the electric vehicle (EV) industry and its impact on infrastructure, global supply chains, and industrial development.

KCtoday electric revolution

KC SmartPort’s 2023 annual industry briefing, celebrating the electric vehicle revolution in Kansas City.

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The Kansas City region’s momentum as a leader in the field of electrification is...electrifying.

Earlier this spring, we attended KC SmartPort’s 2023 Annual Industry Briefing. We heard from Panasonic and Burns & McDonnell leaders about the electric vehicle (EV) industry and its global + local impact — and here’s what we learned.

The EV industry

With the rising demand for electric vehicles, the global EV battery market is growing by the day. The industry had an estimated value of $56.4 billion in 2022, with an expected value of $134.6 billion by 2027. In North America, the electric vehicle battery manufacturing capacity in 2030 is projected to be nearly 20 times greater than in 2021. Let’s see how that translates to the Kansas City region.

KC is electric

Electric vehicle innovation found a home in Kansas City. The region’s transportation manufacturing industry is valued at $19 billion and produces more than 650,000 vehicles each year. With a variety of distribution-related advantages, including access to multi-modal transportation, KC is hard to beat. Plus, 85% of the US is accessible in two days or less by road.

“Kansas City is a leading market globally to move the electric revolution forward,” said Chris Gutierrez, president of KC SmartPort. “Our region has the location and resources to support global enterprise and ancillary suppliers as they expand and innovate in the EV space.”

Say hello to Panasonic

Kansas City’s robust infrastructure, ideal location, and skilled workforce make us a hot commodity as the world moves into the next phase of electrification. In 2022, Panasonic Energy Co. solidified the region as a hub for EV innovation when leaders selected De Soto, KS fo rits $4 billion EV battery manufacturing facility.

“The new facility will increase our global capacity by 60% and provide much-needed capacity to the American EV battery supply chain,” said Ajay Gnanasekaran, director of strategy and program management with Panasonic

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