Drink Up: Learn the process for sourcing ingredients at Messenger Coffee

If you like coffee and live in Kansas City, you probably heard of Messenger Coffee. What you likely don’t know is how they source beans + other ingredients to make each delicious cup of joe.

Messenger Coffee

Hand picked + sourced for greatness.

Photo by KCtoday

Messenger Coffee is a staple in Kansas City — but did you ever think about where the beans and ingredients are sourced? We’re uncovering the mystery today with Joe Marrocco, VP of Coffee Sourcing and Product Development.

The Messenger team tastes hundreds of new coffees every season. The goal? Finding interesting flavors with the perfect balance of sweetness + complexity that complement the existing menu.

“Here at Messenger, we have a focus on craft. Not just the craft of coffee, but also the craft of baked goods. The craft of coffee itself is something messenger celebrates, not only as roasters of that coffee and proprietors of it, but also working with farmers who view the way they grow coffee as a craft as well,"Joe said.

The coffee shop’s commitment to using quality driven farmers is priority — developing real relations and buying coffee in an honest an ethical way. You can visit Messenger Coffee at various locations or shop online.

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