Best places to cry in Kansas City

We like to wear our KC Hearts on our sleeve.

KCtoday_Crying Giant

Cry here and someone might mistake it for performance art.

Photo by Thad Zajdowicz

After keeping up with all those Midwestern niceties, sometimes it’s best to just let it all flow. Sob sesh or full on public breakdown... we’ve got some recommendations for A1 spots to cry your eyes out.

After all, we’re called the City of Fountains for a reason — these waterworks are showstopping.

The Crying Giant, Kemper Museum of Modern Art

He may be made of metal, but this bronze man is nothing but heart. Cry it out in good company at this public sculpture but be warned — passersby will probably think you’re a performance artist.

Funky Town KC

Dirty conscience? If boogieing in your best bellbottoms doesn’t stop the sobs, the soap from the nightly “car wash” should at least wash the tears away.

Casual Animal Brewing Co.

Picture this: It’s the fourth quarter of a Chiefs playoff game and it’s not looking good. What’s more KC than crying over football into a craft IPA at a local brewery? Exactly.

KC Wheel

For just $18.50 a pop, you too can opt for the perfect semi-public breakdown featuring amazing views of the skyline. The private gondola should drown out the sound of any sobs.

Know any other great places to cry in KC? Dry your eyes and drop us a line.

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